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Equine Performance & Wellbeing is the business of Elka Fischer. Elka is a qualified Jenkins Equine Neurophysiologic Therapist. Her qualifications also include Equine Photonic Red Light Therapy, Equine Massage, Equine Myofascial Release as well as Saddle Fit and Assessment. Her mission is to help all horses perform to the best of their ability, whatever the discipline and to improve all horses' health and general wellbeing. Equine Performance and Wellbeing was established in 2009.
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Jenkins Neurophysiologic Therapy will resolve soft tissue issues which prevent your horse from performing to the best of its ability. JENT will address problems which otherwise may lead to unsoundness or poor performance. It will also improve overall health and wellbeing. The horse becomes more willing, happier and increases in suppleness and strength. With JENT, postural and compensatory issues are resolved, therefore preventing more serious problems. Some of the problems JENT addresses happen in paddock incidents and are much more common than horse owners are aware of. JENT was developed by Dianne Jenkins and takes remedial and body work to a new level. JENT will optimize the longevity of your horse???s working life. Elka is available for bodywork sessions in Yass, Canberra, Southern Highlands, Snowy Mountains, South Coast and Far South Coast (NSW) by appointment. Other areas will be considered on request.
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