"How Facebook advertising can increase your sales and profits"

As a small business owner, are you sick and tired of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising and seeing little or no results? Plug that giant sink hole today.

Big brand advertising campaigns suited for McDonalds isn’t suited for the small business because you don’t have millions to burn and everyone and their dog is not your customer. This is a hard and costly lesson for us entrepreneurs to learn. Believe me I have been there.

9 million Australians (39% of all Australians) use Face Book every day. If you know what you are doing, reaching out to your ideal prospects haven’t ever been this easy.

CanberraList.com uses the latest social media and online advertising tactics to attract the right kind of customers to your business profile page.

My finely tuned targeting strategies allow you to find the ideal prospects that are most likely to buy YOUR product or service. In fact you will benefit from the same techniques that brought you to this very page.

These battle tested, proven marketing strategies allows me to offer you a service that gets results, for far less than you would with other media such as radio, TV, newspaper or magazines.

  • Strategically placed social media posts and ads to attract hundreds of clicks to your business profile page. (All of who are interested Canberra customers looking to buy your services or products). After all they decided to click on the post or ad because they were interested. Unlike in the case of most radio or TV ads…
  • Advances in precise social media targeting allows me to reach out to the exact people who are interested in your products and services. (Facebook targeting is scarily accurate … want to find a target market of peanut butter loving mothers aged 25 with kids aged between 5 and 10 … now you can do it)
  • Organic and paid Google search to reach your hyper active buyers
  • Find ultra-responsive BUYERS primed and ready to buy whatever you’re selling…
  • I use retargeting to reach out visitors who had visited CanberraList.com before. On Facebook and Google and websites on which Google runs ads (substantial number of websites on the internet including most online newspapers runs Google display ads). Depending on what pages a previous visitor had been at, I am able to retarget them with a laser honed precision message. Reminding them of our businesses profile pages and encouraging a return visit up to 180 days from their last visit. Up to 58% visitors do not buy on their first visit so it is very important to reach out to them again and again. Google and Facebook allow me to do that very effectively for you.
  • Use my Tag Team Ads to cut cost of your ads and strategically attract hundreds of customers to your business. 5 businesses at a time are promoted directly to Canberra Face Book and Google users with a pre-set ad budget. (Use Tag Team Ads to attract as many customers as you possibly want). Retargeting can be used very effectively with my Tag Team Ads. (note: Tag Team Ads are at an additional cost.)
  • Put my tips and advice learned from years in the business from the top pros to write the perfect message to your target market. Make sure to use these on all your advertising and marketing both online and offline. (as well as learn rookie mistakes to avoid like the plague). Because you only make a profit when you turn a prospect into a customer.
  • Detailed stats on how many views on full profile and summary ad views (with tips on how to improve click through rates to your full profile page)
  • Use photos and logos to really entice and impress your prospects (with click through to your web site or get a phone call to close the deal)

Canberra List Business profile page gives you an excellent chance to convey your benefits and why prospects should become your customers. TV, radio and newspaper ads do not allow you the time and space to do a good job of converting your prospects and frankly, are quite lousy at reaching out to your ideal prospects.

Just like you are online now, your customers go online for pleasure and to look for solutions to their problems or needs. You message is just couple of clicks away. CanberraList.com facilitates those couple of clicks and brings them to your profile page.

You know, you’re obviously really serious about finding customers and I just want to take some time to acknowledge you about that.

Most people never take the time to educate themselves the way you have.

You are online, you are reading this and you really have the determination to fix the problem of finding customers who are ready to buy, reliably and cheaply.

That’s why you are perfect for CanberraList.com. It is especially for people like you who want to get customers who are ready to buy. Our online ads target and appeal to people who are looking for services and products and who are hanging out on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

I am so confident that you will get amazing results that I am able to offer you a money back guarantee. This guarantee will put to rest any doubts you may have if this will work for your particular business.

If you are not completely thrilled with your results in the first 30 days I will refund your money for any reason or no reason at all. No questions asked. Your word is good enough.

Normally for results like these you would spend $2000 to $3000 a month with radio or TV advertising. I am not just saying that. My actual ROI with TV and radio advertising has been much more dismal than that. But now you can have better results for just $7 a month.

Yep, Just $7 a month ...

So get started with your business profile page today. With a price that any business can afford. Choose from one to twelve months and lock in the savings or pay a monthly subscription of $7. Click here to get started.

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100%Money Back Guarantee


You can't go wrong with this incredible Guarantee!

I am so absolutely sure that CanberraList.com will help your business that I am offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked, 30-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason CanberraList.com does not satisfy you in any way, simply send me an email within 30 days from your purchase and I'll refund your money right away!

So, if for any reason you're not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact me. No monkey business. I will always refund your money. Give it a try...

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100%Money Back Guarantee


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