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Varicose Vein Treatment

The Vein Institute

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The Vein Institute
Varicose Vein Treatment - 
Leading medical clinic completely dedicated to treating leg Veins. Surgery-free procedures. Sydney, Canberra, Bowral & Katoomba. Find out more.
The Vein Institute was founded to care for patients with varicose vein disease. Using the latest and most innovative treatments from the USA and 
Europe means that The Vein Institute is able to offer surgery free treatments for patients. As part of commitment to treating varicose vein disease
multiple clinics around Australia have been established.

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About The Vein Institute

Specializes in the treatment of Varicose and Spider leg veins.

Varicose veins are more than a cosmetic concern. The may lead to circulation issues if untreated. 

All of our treatments do not involve any surgery, allowing you to "walk in" and "walk out".


What Symptoms Could I Have?

Generally vein pain can be associated with a dull ache or heaviness. Swelling or itching of the legs at the end of the day can also occur. Rarely a brown pigment can be seen around the veins.


What Will Happen During My First Visit?
One of our doctors will take a medical history and listen to your concerns before performing a scan and letting you know whether you have varicose vein disease. A discussion of your treatment options will also happen.


Why Do I Need a Scan?
Varicose veins are easy to diagnose on the surface but require a specialised safe scan (known as ultrasound) to assess deeper varicose veins which cannot be seen from the skin. These scans do not require any preparation and will be performed on your first visit.


Do I really need treatment?
Every case is different, and you need to discuss your personal circumstances with one of our highly skilled Doctors. Apart from the symptoms that present with varicose veins, they can be unsightly too. There are some veins that can cause medical symptoms, and again we strongly suggest you discussing your case with our doctors.

Your treatment outcomes:


To bring your vascular system back to health, your varicose veins must be treated effectively. Your blood will then be able to find its way back to your heart via a more efficient path. Failure to do this will result in the continued blood flow in the wrong direction. This can be a serious condition and we urge you to speak to one of our Doctors.

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