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SandPlay, Communication and Conflict Resolution, Counselling, Coaching, Consultation in Canberra

As We Grow


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About As We Grow... Who am I? I am a counselor and family dispute resolution practitioner, who is committed to helping families to learn more effective, and emotionally intelligent ways of communicating with each other. My qualifications and experience are in counseling, coaching, conflict resolution, mediation, adult education and child development. What do I do? I provide a range of services that encourage my clients to live a rich and meaningful life, while offering them strategies and support during painful or difficult times. I work with adults, children and young people, assisting them to discover their strengths and learn new ways to reach out and engage with their family and friends. How am I Accomplishing this? I have established my counseling practice on the foundations of my career as an educator, and place greater emphasis on a client???s potential for learning and development, than I do on mental illness, or pathology. I have found that short-term interventions, carefully modified for each individual client can have profound results, without the need for medications or longer term clinical work. I am more concerned that clients are able to sense or experience what is important to them, than that they focus too much, or talk too long about their ???problem???. I help my clients reduce their experience of crisis and family drama, by introducing them to the concepts of mindfulness and positive psychology.
Products and/or Services
Counselling, Coaching or Consultation. Support with Communication and Conflict Resolution: Communication Coaching; Facilitated Discussions; Child Inclusive Practice; Mediation; Conflict Coaching. SandPlay Therapy: For Kids (of All Ages).
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Monday to Sunday, 9am to 7pm.