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Holistic by Nature


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Website:   http://www.holisticbynature.com.au

Holistic by Nature is a complementary medicine business in Canberra run by Kinesiologist Kate Pamphilon. Kinesiology is a form of alternative medicine that is gentle, safe, natural and treats the whole person. For more information, articles and subscriptions visit my website. Kinesiology promotes physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic health, helping you to: *lower your stress or anxiety levels *balance your hormones and enhance your immune system *fertility & pregnancy support *healing after labor & birth, on all levels *breastfeeding support *piece (peace) together your emotional, mental & relationship issues *find out what triggers your depression and help you to move through it *enhance your learning & memory abilities, improve coordination, gain confidence with pubic speaking ??? what happens to you under stress? *manage pain *manage muscular & nervous disorders *balance you to food intolerances and *clear your digestive system *stimulate your energy throughout the day *find out why you may not sleeping well and what you can do for a better night's rest *work on lifestyle, goals & well-being Kinesiology integrates Western and Eastern techniques and wisdom to help you learn about your well-being and what factors are blocking your natural healing process. Each session includes gentle balancing techniques such as acupressure and meridian work from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chakra healing from Indian Yogic tradition, specific body movements and structural corrections, flower essences, sound therapy, colour therapy and crystal light therapy. My passion lies in an integrative approach to health and healing. Through kinesiology, I focus on helping you to put the pieces of the puzzle together - what is happening structurally (your anatomy & physiology), nutritionally, emotionally and mentally, energetically, spiritually and environmentally. I also draw on my other training such as Reiki and Soul Synchronisation (connecting the mind-body-heart link). With each session I will give you healing techniques and information to enhance and maintain your own health!
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