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Health, fitness and wellbeing are growing concerns amongst the Australian population. In 2008, a study undertaken by the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute concluded that Australia trumped the United States with ???26% of adults considered to be obese and an additional 5 million Australians overweight???, making the nation #1 in the world! With respect to children, The Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society report that ???rates of childhood obesity in Australia are some of the highest amongst developed nations with 25% of Australian children currently overweight or obese, a huge jump from 5% in the 1960s??? (http://www.asso.org.au). The multitude of health risks associated with weight gain and poor functional fitness (diabetes, heart disease, back and knee problems etc) are placing increasing pressure on medical resources and facilities. These issues have prompted several government campaigns including ???How Will You Measure Up???? and ???Find Thirty???. In response to these alarming trends, Robert De Castella - Olympic marathon runner and passionate advocate for health and fitness - set up his own not-for-profit organisation in 1998 to combat the obesity epidemic across Canberra and the surrounding region.
Products and/or Services
SmartStart for Kids! helps primary aged children to reach their personal potential using physical activity, healthy eating and peer interaction to give them increased self confidence. Our programs are specially designed for children at increased risk of becoming overweight or obese, are sedentary, have poor coordination and motor skills those wanting to build greater self esteem, self confidence and resilience. Most importantly, they encourage children to appreciate and develop healthy habits that they will ideally maintain throughout their lives. Experienced leaders conduct group based activity sessions within a safe, non-judgmental environment that are fun, educational and empowering which provide children with valuable opportunities to improve their communication and interpersonal skills, academic performance, fitness and self confidence. Support for adults and corporations is also provided through Smart Start your Life! boasting a range of individually tailored services to accommodate most circumstances, budgets and needs including seminars and workshops, counseling, feedback and planning sessions, events and training sessions and personal reports. We also offer a comprehensive genetic profiling service (GeneElite)
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9am-5pm Monday through Friday